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Find your apartment in the Wudaokou area of Beijing - near the campuses of Peking University, BLCU, TsingHua University, and near the Wudaokou Subway Station. You will find the area very lively and easy to live in, with nearby supermarkets, banks, shopping malls, and many restaurants and bars. Search our listings to find the best deal to suit you, for a comfortable stay in Beijing.
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Wisdom Court 103 sqm 2 br 2 livingrooms 1 kitchen 1 bathroom RMB 8,600
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Wudaokou Huaqingjiayuan 142 sqm 3 br 2 livingrooms 2 bathrooms 1 kitchen RMB 14,000
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Wudaokou TangNingOne 54 Sqm 1 bedroom 1 kitchen 1 bathroom RMB 7,200
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Wudaokoujiayuan 142 Sqm 5 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 1 livingroom 1 kitchen RMB 18,000
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How to find your apartment in Beijing
You will usually need to reserve a hotel near the desired area 2 to 7 days in advance of your arrival. After your arrival, contact us as soon as possible. We can arrange a rendezvous to visit the available apartments suitable to you. Normally, we will find the right apartment for you within 2 days. Once you have chosen an apartment, you can sign the contract directly, or just pay a deposit (normally 1 month rental) to reserve the house ASAP. Once these steps are taken, we will prepare the apartment for you and you can move in anytime.